Hyper Universe

Released- Steam

Developer- CWaveSoft, Inc

Release Date- January 17, 2018

Price at time of Review: Steam Free but with loot boxes (of course)

I am absolute garbage at playing MOBA games. Games like League of Legends and Smite give me headaches and I end up rage quitting shortly after. But I keep coming back to them because they are usually free and relatively easy to get addicted to. Hyper Universe is no different. Hyper Universe, by CWaveSoft, states that it is an action-packed combat team-based strategic game that instead of top-down like LOL, is a side scroller shoot em up, and I totally dig it.


To be completely honest, I have no clue what the story of this game is about. There is somewhat of a story mode, but it entails you playing a character in a match and getting a quick cutscene with some dialogue with the character trying to figure why they are in Hyper Universe. You can go to each individual character screen and read the backstories on each character, but who has time for that. If I wanted to read something I would go to Reddit and trash Destiny like everyone else. But for a free game, I didn’t really expect much.


The graphics of the game are pretty legit. I love the side scrolling aspect of the game along with the 3d graphics that come with it. I know there has been some controversy on the Steam page and the Hyper Universe subreddit about censorship of the game, but it’s mainly talking about jiggle physics. If your able to look past that, like me, you will see that this game looks amazing. Compared to Smite, which looks super bland to me, and LOL which looks way too crowded for my taste, Hyper Universe has a pretty decent blend of on-screen activity, and the colors aren’t too bright.

The characters look like your typical characters from different manga series and aren’t too over the top. Some of the females have the comic proportions that you would expect from a manga-inspired game, but it’s not too crazy.

Game Play

The gameplay is pretty simple to pick up but will take time to master. I recommend if you are not used to playing Mobas and have the ability to attach a controller, do it. I instantly became more effective when I started to use my controller than I was on KBM. Like with other Mobas you pick your class, which can be a tank, bruiser, specialist, striker, support, and an assassin, and team up with other players to take out the towers of the opposing team. Last one standing wins essentially.

There are several different lanes that you can take with different bosses attached to them that the players can take on to gather more coins and other pieces needed to unlock more skins and weapon upgrades, but if you go after the towers solely, that’s ok as well.

During my time playing, I mainly played as support, which helped my team a lot, which I don’t mind doing. I’m all about the end results, regardless if I’m just healing everyone. After playing with the same character after a while, you start to pick up what their different powers equate to and when to use them.

When I was playing as Celine, who is a striker, I realized quickly that I could stand away from the action and constantly push back the waves of enemies and allow my more damage dealing teammates to wail on the towers. Strategy starts to unfold once you learn what each class can do.

When you complete a match, you can potentially collect cubes, which are this game’s version of loot boxes, and unlock more skins and weapon pieces. In order to get more characters, you can either spend real-world cash or just use in-game currency and unlock them down the line. Since I’m not that invested in the game, I probably will just get new ones as I go. No need to rush and have all the Hypers at once.


Since the game is free and I was able to learn the basics pretty easy, I will most likely keep this game in my rotation. I have been wanting to get into some type of Moba game that didn’t have 45-minute matches and did not have that top-down view style, and this fits the bill. I have not tried to go up in rank, but if I do decide to keep the game, I will definitely see how far I can go.

Overall Reaction

Being that this is my first time playing a game from this studio, I was pretty happy with the game. For a game that was free at the time I picked it up, I couldn’t really find anything to complain about. I think I finally found a Moba I will stick to and will continue playing in the near future. Even though it does have loot boxes, I haven’t run into any situations that would necessitate me purchasing one yet. But if it does come to that, I will be updating this review.  I give Hyper Universe 4 out 5 stars.